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Title :  Never use Bitcoin ATMs! Video review
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Smileyrie James
I get the feeling that you guys never have troubles adhering to the “stop every 2hrs” on a long drive lol. Do you encounter many snakes on your rock hunting adventures?
Comment from : Smileyrie James

Kimfamily Love
Now I love Australia .
Comment from : Kimfamily Love

Tripping on Rocks
Nothing like a cuppa and peacock ore, first I've seen of it and is fantastic, the colours and texture are beautiful. Thank you.
Comment from : Tripping on Rocks

Sharon Leader Fam
Don't you ever run into snakes?
Comment from : Sharon Leader Fam

pk Gold & Hunting
Hi Liz whats the white clear stones about the 1.43/45 minute mark in this vid please i have found some and dont know what they are if you can help me going to lightning ridge in 2 weeks time to and can you recommend some noodling spots out there as i am gold prospector and no nothing about gemstones thanks agen love you vids
Comment from : pk Gold & Hunting

Adian Yulizar
👍👍👍👍share it
Comment from : Adian Yulizar

Comment from : RABIN RAI

Adian Yulizar
Comment from : Adian Yulizar

Omg where is your location?
Comment from : ᏙᎬNᎾᎷ

TJ Soulsurfer
I have learned so much from your videos. Such a pleasure to watch.
Comment from : TJ Soulsurfer

Kerry Durdin
Comment from : Kerry Durdin

Brandon Lennon
Do you do your own lapidary work
Comment from : Brandon Lennon

Adilson Ferreira Louko por Pedra
I signed up for tour Channel,you can subscribe to muito Channel..
Comment from : Adilson Ferreira Louko por Pedra

Adilson Ferreira Louko por Pedra
I'm from Brazil...
Comment from : Adilson Ferreira Louko por Pedra

Judy Bay
Haha....ya ya..really don't know which one to pick....so so many of the wonderful stone
Comment from : Judy Bay

Turgut Belen
It is nice to see someone like you to appreciate the beauty of rocks, while some, many just ignores them as nothing special, and walk over. I love your findings.
Comment from : Turgut Belen

Thanks for the video. I have no doubt that you threw those cigarette butts on the ground out in the open though right? Please don't.
Comment from : Uffe

Adriano - Pedras Preciosas
Mais um inscrito meu like 💎🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🍀🍀😁
Comment from : Adriano - Pedras Preciosas

Fazli Hamid
where I found this
Comment from : Fazli Hamid

I’m Here
I would take everything if i could then refine it all
Edit:Also subbed

Comment from : I’m Here

Adriano - Pedras Preciosas
Like 💎💎💎🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒😁
Comment from : Adriano - Pedras Preciosas

Lee Travathan
I wish you were here in AZ with me to rock hunt. I bet we'd have a blast. I live in an area that is open desert and mountains. I find the most amazing things out there... awesome stuff. ;-) Great video. Thanks!
Comment from : Lee Travathan

junjun rubiato
Hello liz are you a filipina?
Comment from : junjun rubiato

Vic Chang
If the car won't start because you left both doors open and drains the battery from the dome light, AAA guy comes out and you're looking for rocks.
Comment from : Vic Chang

Joyleen Poortier
You need to improve on your filming you move the rocks too fast and there blurry. So we don't get to see them. No point watching if we can't see them. We want to see them so please improve your filming techniques
Comment from : Joyleen Poortier

William Vangelder
Is it possible to make a viable living like this? The reason why I ask is because I absolutely love rock hunting. I live in Texas and would move in a second to do what I love and make a living doing it
Comment from : William Vangelder

Victoria Han
Interesting find , love what you are doing! Going to Perth next month, hopefully I can find something there.
Comment from : Victoria Han

mengistu chernet
Best Gemologist!
Comment from : mengistu chernet

Valerie Hansen
I just found your video, and I would like to know what's the name of music playing in the background,? And would you be so kind as to let me know. Your new fan, Valerie.
Comment from : Valerie Hansen

Arlece Larae
her voice is sexy
Comment from : Arlece Larae

Tammy Schow*****
nice, love going to slaughter beach. so where is here?
Comment from : Tammy Schow*****

Пламен Петков
iuo iz enimols
Comment from : Пламен Петков

Caroline Nino Woods
You have s great eye!
Comment from : Caroline Nino Woods

Caroline Nino Woods
I love you videos! I love your rocks and gems!
Comment from : Caroline Nino Woods

Weekly Buzz kill
that lady's so cute😅😅
Comment from : Weekly Buzz kill

Khaliq Dad
i have thousands of this kind of stones i am living in the north of Afghanistan and can give you thousands of this kind stones
Comment from : Khaliq Dad

Mohamed Kik
solyaman Maroc
Comment from : Mohamed Kik

nice collection of video
Comment from : Kidzeegames

Lily McMillan
Your videos are inspiring. I've loved rocks/gems all my life.
🌸 Besides that, I'm thrilled to see that you have a connection with our animals of the earth. It's so lovely to see you help them across the road! And on top of that, a little loving blessing to bid them farewell on their journey. 🌼 SPLENDID !!
BLESSINGS to you both.

Comment from : Lily McMillan

X Wolf Gamer
name of the song
Comment from : X Wolf Gamer

well I live in South America hardly any gems around my area but I'm still filled with determination to find them
Comment from : Junior

Mark Batterbee
Hi Liz just found your videos. Very interesting . Can you recommend a place close to Perth suitable for beginners. Some place with exciting finds that might get the family interested in the hobby. My daughter collects gravel on her way home from school and thinks they are beautiful. I want to take her to find something special.
Comment from : Mark Batterbee

Lori Kartowidjojo
i really enjoy your prospecting videos. wish i was there with you.. :(
Comment from : Lori Kartowidjojo

Nathaniel Valdez
Hi ma'am can u please tell me what types of Gemstone can I find in my area I have a lot of limestone in my place here in SIQUIJOR Philippines. "the land of fire"
Comment from : Nathaniel Valdez

vania mata
i feel so inspired by your teachings....i got more interested for all kind of gemstones since i have been watching your videos...thank you may God bless you lots.
Comment from : vania mata

roslyn ogrady
i live in mackay Queensland and have many raw crystals and fossils i have collected over time. im looking for someone who can tell me what is real,fake please.
Comment from : roslyn ogrady

Where did you find the petrified wood? - It was hard to understand in the audio
Comment from : TravelFlow

so great
Comment from : birthstonesjewellery.com

Amber Alarakhia
oh my god she's having a serious talk with a Lizard
Comment from : Amber Alarakhia

General Pratama
Looking for chrysoprase green apple
Comment from : General Pratama

redfirebrand moonclaw
it's a real pleasure to see your videos, you really love what you do and you give your knowledge to anyone. thank you from France.
Comment from : redfirebrand moonclaw

John Skinner (equalityman22)
A Big Hello to you @ DownUnder, I really enjoy your vids, I too am a rock hound of sorts, l am living on an Island in Canada British Columbia, Salt Spring Island, to be exact and people here are finding First Nations People's Art affects, like jade axe heads and arrow heads and many other types of rose quarts,( black stone with rose effects that appear when cleaned and polished, well I said enough, so thanks and keep on keeping on, lol, Cheers. ☺
Comment from : John Skinner (equalityman22)

M. Karbaschi
You could easily run gem and mineral identification, jewelry making workshops and make a handsome money
Comment from : M. Karbaschi

Arjun B
Hi Liz
If you please tell me which area is this in near by citi and state and is there any place near NSW
I love to visit this kind of place

Comment from : Arjun B

nimeshkumar bandhaniya
Hi LIz, i like to buy some australian stone rough any idea where i can get or any mining place in NSW where near by sell in different color like red blue etc
please let me know its really appriciated
thank you all

Comment from : nimeshkumar bandhaniya

Great video ,But can't find this song,please need more info on name and artist..Thank you..

Ren Quiray
what is petrefied wood ? where did you go to get these crystals ?
Comment from : Ren Quiray

Vince Veloce
So in short many Australian roads are full of beautiful stones that you cant see, what a waste.
Comment from : Vince Veloce

Lesley Wyatt
Fascinating videos!!  We visited Sapphire and Rubyvale in Queensland a few years back and came away with lots of sapphire and zircon chips, plus a few sapphire 'bombs' one of which (139carats) we had cut in half, polished and wire-wrapped to make a couple of pendants.   Whilst in the area we also stayed at the Willows Gemfields and found yet more chips.   We then moved on to Mount Hay where we found loads of Geodes and pieces of spherelitic rhyolite in the extinct volcano.   Previously on this "Big Trip" we stayed for several days in Lightning Ridge and found lots of opal - my favourite gem!!
Comment from : Lesley Wyatt

Hi Liz - You're welcome to post your Youtube video urls on to our Lapidary World Facebook site if interested to increase your views. groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/lapidaryworld/info
Also our Yahoo group: groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/lapidaryworld/info
Regards John from: Lapidary World - www.lapidaryworld.com

Comment from : johnnybaustralia

Luptuous Life
My favourite lizard! So cute! ^.^
Comment from : Luptuous Life

can i have the crystal ones PLEASE i live in australia adelaide
Comment from : MIckT

Ren Quiray
next time can you look for selenite and lapis lazuli ?
Comment from : Ren Quiray

Great video Liz. Thank you so much! We just moved to Alice Springs from the US and love the hobby. Great way of seeing this beautiful country.
Comment from : csamsock

John O
Hi Liz and Wal, watch a lot of your videos with keen interest. Can you tell me once you find all of your gem stones where can you sell them?
Comment from : John O

Vivian Nguyen
"And have many, many, babies!!!" HAHHAHAHA
Comment from : Vivian Nguyen

Dat rude finger do!! At 5:50
Comment from : Cmonjose

Cactus Matt
Great video ,i also checked out your channel  and well ,,you have a new subscriber ,,look forward to watching what you have all ready have posted and any future videos ,my daughter and I are interested in learning about gem stones and are planning gem stone hunting vacations ,And Australia is at the top of our list of vacation spots ,so this video was very interesting for us thank you  .
Comment from : Cactus Matt

Kevin Nix
freeze frame at about 10:01, looks like a large fossil plate ?
Comment from : Kevin Nix

Alice Cardoso
Comment from : Alice Cardoso

DR1413 Mr
may I know, where do you stay?
Comment from : DR1413 Mr

LIZ! why do you have two youtube channels :c  or should I say c: I have so many more videos to watch c:
Comment from : isibyl

Meg Freesia
So inspiring! Pretty much my dream trip. Thanks for sharing this with us :)
Comment from : Meg Freesia

metaphysics anyone?
Lovely video... The lady at beginning has such wonderful respect for of other life forms..how lovely was her manner x
Comment from : metaphysics anyone?

Lin connu
Hello Liz ! Thanks you for this great video. By advance, I apologize for my poor english, i'm a french people living in Belgium... :-) Since 6 years, since we started working (we are 26 YO) my girlfriend and I are working in the domain of Marketing / Advertising, and we start to get a little bit annoying by this kind of life...!!! I recently, hazardous, see a documentary of the Opal Mining in Australia. Coober Pedy, Lignthing ridge, etc; etc. It sounds us great, knowing that it could be a difficult life but also something very interesting for a lot of reason; we'd like to change our life, going for something more 'Simple' and without all the problems you can find in the 'New modern city life' if you understand what i want to say... Then, i discussed with my girlfriend & we are interested by coming to Australia, for the first time, and for 3 weeks, next year; to take information about the life on the place, the people, etc, etc... I saw that you're talking of a Forum, but i don't find this ? I'd like to have more information about what we can do or not, what we should do or not, etc, etc... ! :-) Thanks you for your reply & again thanks you for sharing your video :-)
Comment from : Lin connu

Marion KY
Thanks for sharing.  Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum in Marion, KY houses an outstanding collection of minerals, gemstones, carvings, period journals, photographs, mining tools and other items. The collection has been visited by various authorities on minerals and is believed to be one of the finest in existence. The Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum, Inc. was formed in June 1990 to make the attraction something that would generate outside interest in the mineral and mining heritage of West Kentucky.
Comment from : Marion KY

Liz Kreate
+Grace Cheecks
Thanks for watching Grace. Some countries do have areas where you can pay to prospect and some have areas where it's free. You'll have to do a little bit of research in your particular area as to where you can dig up/prospect for crystals. Good luck and wish you all the very best....Liz

Comment from : Liz Kreate

Grace Cheecks
what countries can you find an dig up crystals for myself
Comment from : Grace Cheecks

Corey Scanlan
Australia is the best cant wait to go to the outback
Comment from : Corey Scanlan

Shad Zaidi
I mean please answer me
Comment from : Shad Zaidi

Shad Zaidi
Why can't you just take more than one? Is there something wrong with that? Please answer.
Comment from : Shad Zaidi

jo goodes
gem and gold hunting is great for someone that has bipolar and depression.
Comment from : jo goodes

jo goodes
Sorry Liz that is part of my illness I like to talk as I can not hear well............... 
Wee Jasper where to go? 
When will you Wal be in Grabben Gullen next?
Would love to meet up with you and be shown the ropes properly
We just bought a highbank , a longer sluice for the boys, the top gold detector and don't understand how to use the settings correctly yet?

Comment from : jo goodes

jo goodes
hey Liz my name is Jo and I am new to this. My partner and I went to Grabben Gullen last week to a private property right next door to where you and Wal were We left a beautiful note as no one was home. Love SApphires and all Gems
How can we go on the PRIVATE property next door? Where you and Wal are good friends with the host/ I would love ideally to find a large sapphire, gem like you did in your Youtube Vid. I am  deaf impaired and recovering from Menagitis couple of years ago and have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar stage 2. This is great therapy for me my doctor has told me. I love to hunt for gold also. We have many maps for all destinations. I have a GPX5000 have not really had alot of use of it yet. I would do anything to find a huge Sapphire they are my favourite. My partner wanted to make me a ring for our 10th anniversary we are not married yet. Had 6 car accidents and my deafness has turned my life upside down. I would love if Wal could share with me a few spots in Grabben gullen NOT the creek near the bridge authorities are awake up to what people were doing. Nothing would make my life better if I could get some help. I would love to meet you and Wal you guys ROCK/ My two little boys also love rock hunting. gold Hunting, Some spots for GOLD would be great. As It takes a great deal for me to hear as I only have 2 % hearing due to me being in a coma for many months I nearly died. Rock Gold Hunting is great also for one of my little boys as he has stigmatism partly blind in one eye but loves pretending to be a scientist with checking the rocks. My little one also does too. Please please could you let me know what are in Grabben Gullen you were in when you found that large sapphire. Is there any chance in the next couple of days I could get access Liz to it? WE are planning to go as far as Glenn Innes and the creeks up there. 
I would greatly appreciate if you could please please please help us I am more than happy to join your forum and post daily. I love to blog. As though I can not hear much. As for my gold detecting would you have any insight where to find my first nuggett???? Grabbenm Gullen, AS for Wee Jasper where do you go.... Joxxxxxxxx 

Comment from : jo goodes

common brown will kill you dead.
Comment from : 580player

Nam Le
My real name is Kimberly I'm a girl on November 14 I'm going to a valley day at school at manlio silva
Comment from : Nam Le

Nam Le
I totally found one awesome
Comment from : Nam Le

Liz Kreate
But i can be annoying to go rock hunting with... so my husband says....lol
Comment from : Liz Kreate

Opal jewelry
Good video guys Australian Opals are the best & the best of the best come from the 3 mile Lightning ridge. I have the only heritage Opal mine that is still leased in Australian at the 3 mile have a look at the mine.
Comment from : Opal jewelry

Comment from : Blu

Liz!! I so wanna go rock hinting with you!! :(
Comment from : Blu

Tom Tran
Comment from : Tom Tran

Tom Tran
Comment from : Tom Tran

Liz Kreate
We use a rare earth magnets for getting rid of iron junk on the gold fields, but don't spend any time looking for meteorites. Cheers, Liz
Comment from : Liz Kreate

Wal do you ever use a neo magnet on a stick and look for meteorites ?

Liz Kreate
We certainly are blessed. Thank you for the comment and all the best, Liz.
Comment from : Liz Kreate

Well, if it isn't nice living in Australia.... You are so lucky guys, your homeland is so rich in beautiful and precious minerals!
Comment from : korpakukac

Liz Kreate
Indeed it is! We love finding gems and gold, but the real satisfaction for us is being out there with mother nature and appreciating all her wonders. thank you for watching and commenting. All the best, Liz
Comment from : Liz Kreate

Balxies Gold Adventures.
Tell me Earth isn't the most amazing place? Beauty everywhere. Great Vid guys.
Comment from : Balxies Gold Adventures.

sovereign sun
Pity the lizard wouldnt talk back i hear there quite talkative in Australia
Comment from : sovereign sun

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